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Linking back to PokéPrint is a great way to show your support and spread the word to the community. You can use any of the text or image links below, or you could create your own if you wish.

HTML link (for websites):
<a href="">PokéPrint</a>

BBCode link (for forums):

Our button:
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If you choose the use one of these buttons, you must upload it to your own server, as images cannot be hotlinked from PokéPrint.


If you're interested in affiliating your site with PokéPrint, please ensure that it meets the following requirements:

Generally, I will not affiliate with any of the following: sites that are largely member-exclusive (including stand-alone forums and/or oekakis), sites that are largely "Fakemon"-orientated, sites that offer illegal downloads (eg. emulators/ROMs or music files), sites that sell or deal with console or game hacking/modification, small shrines, fanlistings, Facebook pages/groups, Tumblr blogs, or any site that generates pop-ups, auto-playing music, or excessive advertisements.

If you believe your sites meets the above requirements, please contact me (make sure you select "Affiliation Application" from the dropdown menu). If accepted, please place a link to PokéPrint on at least one page of your site.

Finally, please note that if your site is affiliated with PokéPrint and it moves/changes topics, that doesn't mean I will automatically stay affiliated with you. Your new site must still meet my requirements. Please keep that in mind.