Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, you're more than welcome to contact me.

Q: Will you consider expanding the site to include other video games or TCGs?
A: No; PokéPrint is, and always will be, a strictly-Pokémon fansite. There are two main reasons for this: (a), it can take me quite a long time to create content for this site, and expanding it will be too difficult for me to manage; and (b), I do not play any other TCGs, and I don't see the point in creating content for games I know nothing about and have minimal interest in.

Q: What do the symbols on the TCG checklists mean?
A: The symbols indicate the rarity of the card:
circle = common card
diamond = uncommon card
black star = rare card
black star with H = holofoil (sparkly) rare card
white star with H = ultra-rare holofoil card
white star with S = secret rare holofoil card

Q: I printed something from this site, but it didn't show up properly/some colours were missing!
A: Before you print something, check how it looks in both portrait and landscape orientation. Our TCG checklists look better in portrait orientation (default), but some of our video game checklists may look better in landscape orientation. Additionally, by default, background colours and images will not print. You can change this setting when you go to print a page in your web browser (it is highly recommended that you turn this option on if you're printing one of our checklists that has partial background colour, such as our type effectiveness charts, as the background colour has been deliberately included to make for easier reading).

Q: I have a suggestion or request for new content for PokéPrint. Can I submit it?
A: Yes, suggestions for Pokémon-related printable content are welcome. You can contact me with your suggestion (make sure you select "Content Suggestion" from the dropdown menu).

Q: Do you do competitions/quizzes/giveaways?
A: Generally speaking, no. However, I may host something in the future. Keep your eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Q: Does this site have a forum?
A: No. I don't see the point of forums on small fansites, and this is why: if you wanted to join a forum to talk about Pokémon, you'd join one that is already well known with a large member count. If you're looking for forums, Serebii.net forums and Bulbagarden forums are good places to start.

Q: What does the word 'Takharii' mean?
A: 'Takhari' (with one 'i') was the nickname of my Flareon in my copy of Pokémon Diamond Version. I liked the name so I decided to adopt it as my online handle (I added the second 'i' as the name was already taken on a few sites). PokéPrint no longer uses the word 'Takharii' in its name.

Q: Can you link to my website? Can we be affiliates?
A: See this page.

Q: Are you the only person who works on this website? Can I be staff?
A: I run this website solely by myself. The content is all hand written by me and I really enjoy working on it.
I'm not accepting staff members. I enjoying working on this site by myself, and a site this small (relatively speaking) doesn't really need more than one person managing it. If you'd like to help out with content, please contact me.