About PokéPrint

PokéPrint—"the printable Pokémon fansite"—is a Pokémon fansite that was founded in 2010.


PokéPrint's focus is to provide players of both the Pokémon video games and the Pokémon Trading Card Game with printable resources. These resources are designed to be both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly (by using less ink and paper than if the same information was printed directly from either the official Pokémon website or another Pokémon fansite) and they save users the need to log onto the internet every time they need to check something. The site currently has over eighty printable resources and is constantly expanding.


PokéPrint was originally opened under the name "Takharii's Stuff" in October 2010, its sole purpose to provide Pokémon video game players with printable checklists of each Pokémon's location in a specific game. The site slowly expanded to include more content, including TCG checklists, TM/HM and item locations (which are currently unavailable on the current site but may be re-added in the future), and miscellaneous printable guides and checklists.

The site's first proper domain, takharii.com, was purchased on October 6, 2011 (coincidentally, the site's first birthday). The site's name was changed to from "Takharii's Stuff" to "Takharii.com" and a new layout was created to match the site's new 'professional' feel.

The site remained that way for about two years before it went into a total revamp. The name was changed to "PokéPrint" (to emphasise the fact that this is a Pokémon fansite, and also because it is easier to remember and spell), and acquired a new domain, pokeprint.com. With the revamp came a new layout and logo, featuring Flygon.